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Samares School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and require all staff and young people to share this commitment.

Our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy can be read by following the link to it here. 

If there is a safeguarding concern you would like to report please use the Report a Concern function on the website or contact a member of the Safeguarding team (contact details below). 

Parents can also gain advice and support from the Children’s and Families Hub through following this link: Children and Families Hub. 

The Safeguarding and Child Protection lead team at Samares are listed below - the team meet together weekly. The team have specific training in safeguarding and supporting children and their families. We link closely with other agencies, such as the Children and Families Hub. 



Email address  

Virginia McInerney

Designated Safeguarding Lead  

Jenny Posner  

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead  

George Lumley  

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead  

Behaviour lead  

Jersey Premium Lead 

Sarah Achler  


Kelly Loveless

Multi-Lingual Learners Lead 

Early Years Lead  

Sophie Briggs Well-being facilitator