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Our staff are committed to the children and families of Samares Primary School. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, queries or concerns. 

Senior Leadership Team

  • Mrs Jenny Posner


    Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • Mr George Lumley

    Deputy Headteacher

    Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • Mrs Sarah Achler


    SENCO, Jersey Premium Lead, Jersey Tutoring Programme, MLL.

  • Miss Kate Burton

    Senior Teacher

    Year 6 Teacher, Key Stage 2 Lead, Curriculum Lead

  • Mrs Virginia McInerney

    Lead Teaching Assistant

    Safeguarding, Lead Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Kelly Loveless

    Senior Teacher

    Reception Teacher, EYFS Leader

  • Mrs Rena Nelson

    School Business Manager

  • Mrs Lauren Ollivier

    Senior Teacher

Teaching Staff

  • Miss Laura Moll

    Nursery Teacher

  • Mrs Frances Brandon

    Reception Teacher

  • Miss Becky Cross

    Reception Teacher

  • Miss Tiffany Sundby

    Year 1 Teacher

  • Miss Caitlin Germain

    Year 1 Teacher

  • Miss Una O'Donoghue

    Year 2 Teacher

  • Miss Holly Crichton

    Year 2 Teacher

  • Miss Leanne Deveau

    Year 3 Teacher

  • Mrs Rebecca Boyle

    Year 4 Teacher

  • Miss Courtney Stafford

    Year 5 Teacher

  • Mr Neil Sanson

    PPA Teacher

  • Mrs Rebecca Lawrence

    Music Teacher

  • Mrs Ellen Le Moignan

    PPA Teacher

  • Mr Dylan Buesnel

    Physical Literacy Coach

  • Mrs Lindsay Pallant

    Reading Recovery Teacher

  • Mrs Kelly-Ann Creswell


Office Team

  • Mrs Michelle Shiplee

    School Administrator


  • Mrs Jo Vellam

    Nursery Officer

  • Miss Melissa May

    Nursery Officer

  • Mrs Val Le Crom

    Nursery Support

Learning Support

  • Mrs Nay Graham

    Year 1 LSA

  • Mrs Tracey Le Couteur

    Year 3 LSA

  • Mrs Lisa Davidson

    Year 1 LSA

  • Mrs Shelley Coutouly

    Year 2 LSA

  • Mrs Amanda Fogarty

    Year 2 LSA

  • Mrs Debi Morris-Monro

    Year 4 LSA

  • Miss Rachel Jouanne

    Reception LSA

  • Mrs Ana Ivanov

    Year 2 LSA

  • Mrs Rebecca Gavey

    Reception LSA

  • Mrs Lisa Godwin

    Learning Support

  • Mrs Lorna Greier

    Learning Support

  • Miss Georgia Rodrigues

    Year 2 LSA

  • Miss Nicole Le Feuvre

    Year 1 LSA

  • Mrs Hazel Hannah

    Senior Lead Teaching Assistant and OPAL lead

  • Mrs Sabrina Matthews

    Year 6 LSA

  • Mrs Vanda Le Roux

    Year 2 LSA

  • Mrs Marina Noel

    Year 2 LSA

  • Mrs Sophie Briggs

    Well-being Facilitator

  • Mr Martin Campbell

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Angela Beech

    Learning Support Assistant

Site Team

  • Mr Michael Goddard


  • Mrs Eileen Brindle


  • Ms Lillian Aubin


  • Mr Daniel Zajac



  • Mrs Andrea Rocha


  • Mrs Karin Evans